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Go away.
Thursday, 23 August 2012 • 23:58 • 0 comments


Dear ex-crush, 
I don't like you anymore. 
So, go away. 
Eh, jap, dia tuh classmate kau doh.
Mana boleh ignore dia.
Dah lah nak pergi mana-mana kena lalu dekat dengan dia. 
Aku tak boleh macam dulu.
So, go away.

I can't pretend like nothing  happened.

I'll play my piano when I'm stressed.

I ask myself, why him?

Maybe I just need a hug. I need my mommy :o

I just smiled in front of him acting like I'm okay.

I wish I can tell people that I'm crying while I'm seeing him.


Ya Allah, I'm praying. Please let me be happy with my life just for awhile. I'd rather suffer now than suffer at the world hereafter. Ya Allah, give me strength. I plead to you, ya Allah :')

xoxo : Izaty ♥



Hye, It's AAA here. Welcome to Pastel darls. Loving someone who doesn't love you back hurts like hell, you feel it?
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