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My love for you never dies
Wednesday, 29 February 2012 • 00:08 • 0 comments

 Once i told you , that i really really love you . Never wanted you to go . Never wanted you to leave . The memories are still fresh in my thoughts even it's been two years you left me . Hopes are just waiting . The minute you called makes me wondered , why do you even come back in my life when I'm trying so hard to forget you ? It's been a long time since you left , now you want me back ? What is this man ? Is it that easy to forgive and forget all the past ? It's hard , you know !
The moment you left , i tried to smile . It's easy to hide your tears behind a sweet smile , but it's hard to hide the pain . The love , the words , the memories , the pain . All that you gave me means nothing to you rite ? Well , i know that I'm not that perfect compared to your past girlfriend , but i do try my best to be the best among them . You left me without any words . You left me without any reasons .

Now I'm leaving , no more me in your life . Don't come back if you only want to hurt me . I do love you but i never want you to fake your love towards me . Don't smile if your heart hates me . I know I'm wrong by loving you . No more , there will be no more tears in front of you . No more . I never wanna cry for you ever again . The way i love you is sincere but not you .

You were different , the way you smile makes me laugh , i never will be anyone else for you , you tried to accept me for who i am , but it's me who ever appreciate all that . I'm sorry boo . You're my life and it never dies inside me . The love you gave is the most precious thing in my life .

I never wanted to forget you until i die . You're the best ex in my whole life . I'll smile for you , I'll cry for you , I'll do anything for you :D

You're the only one i love :D
                                                                  xoxo : Izaty ♥



Hye, It's AAA here. Welcome to Pastel darls. Loving someone who doesn't love you back hurts like hell, you feel it?
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