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Best Dorm mate Ever !
Sunday, 15 July 2012 • 09:17 • 0 comments

I don't know when -.-

The short one :p

Specky one :D
Emilia Rosli with me :))
She was the one who cheered me up whenever I'm sad , laughs with me all the time , sometimes be crazyyy with me . I never thought that I love her , she's my best dorm mate :D

Emilia Rosli  the girl who I enjoy being with. My best friend, my dorm mate, and my beloved GirlFriend <3

See that crazy picture of me and her , Actually , takde motif pun nak take picture macam tuh , tapi sebab kitorang giler-giler lah kitorang have fun sampai macam tuh sekali. 

I hope she will never forget me :))

                                                                                xoxo : Izaty ♥

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