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A secret message for you. I LOVE YOU. Nanti kalau aku dah takde, datang rumah aku, ada kotak dalam almari. Semua tuh love letters yang tak pernah kesampaian untuk kau. Read and Weep :)

Not talking.
Tuesday, 13 November 2012 • 23:01 • 0 comments


Triple A, are you okay? Masa cuti nih I don't even know how your condition is. Haha, you are not mine kan? Buatpe lah aku amik tahu pasal kau. Lagu Perfect Two by Auburn makes everything look so fine. It’s like you will be anything for me. We can complete each other. Cinderella had Prince Charming. Belle had her Beast. Who was made for me? Haha. Izaty, awal lagi lah nak fikir pasal tuh semua.

Tadi ada orang tanya, Who is your last boyfriend? Whoaa, cepumas. I answered Norman. Well, he's the last right. Mr Right? When are you comin'? Tanya ni macam terdesak jea.

Well, you're welcome to steal my heart. Eh, tapi aku tetap tunggu Triple A aku tu. Sorry.

I can't stop dreaming to have a nearly perfect husband.

Why don't you realise something simple like this? Susah sangat ke weh? Takpelah. Dia buta tu. Haha.

Ciao, Assalamualaikum. Nak tidur dah ni :)

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Hye, It's AAA here. Welcome to Pastel darls. Loving someone who doesn't love you back hurts like hell, you feel it?
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