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List of PHOBIAS ;)
Sunday, 2 June 2013 • 21:58 • 0 comments


I just want to share something about jenis-jenis phobia. Mesti ramai yang ada something yang ditakuti. Macam takut gelap, takut tempat tinggi. That is what we call phobia. Banyak sangat yang saya takut dalam dunia nih. Baru-baru nih saya ada menonton Secret Garden, mungkin ya, saya agak ketinggalan zaman tetapi di dalam cerita ini watak keduanya mempunyai phobia terhadap ruang yang sempit iaitu Claustrophobia. Bagaimanakah itu? Di sini ada penjelasannya :)

  1. Ablutophobia: It is a persistent and irrational fear of bathing, washing or cleaning. The phobia is more common in women and children, especially with people who are extremely emotional.
  2. Acarophobia: It is an abnormal and exaggerated fear of mites, small insects, or worms that cause itching.
  3. Achluophobia: It is a morbid fear associated with darkness, that can create a catastrophic situation for a person especially at night; also called lygophobia, myctophobia and scotophobia.
  4. Acousticophobia: It is an exaggerated or irrational fear of noise and sounds including one's own sound.
  5. Acrophobia: It is an extreme or irrational fear of heights. Also known as altophobia, batophobia or hypsiphobia, the person having acrophobia may get a pain attack when at a high place, and can become too agitated to get himself down safely.
  6. Agoraphobia: It is an irrational fear of crowded/public places or even leaving a safe place. Also known as demophobia and enochlophobia, the agoraphobic situations may include shopping, crowded places, traveling, standing in line, social gatherings, and even being alone.
  7. Agraphobia: It is a persistent fear of sexual abuse, attack, rape or any abusive relationship. Also known as contreltophobia, the person having this phobia may be frightened of any kind of sexual intimacy, and would eventually stay away from the outside world and keep himself relatively housebound.
  8. Ailurophobia: It is an abnormal fear of cats. Also known as felinophobia, elurophobia and gatophobia, the person suffering from ailurophobia may fear physical injuries through bites, scratches or even perceived supernatural nature of cats.
  9. Allodoxaphobia: It is an unjustified and irrational fear of the opinions, confrontations, arguments and even praise from others; also known as doxophobia.Amnesiphobia: It is an intense and severe fear of amnesia, a memory loss condition in which the person is unable to recall anything, ranging from names to daily life activities.
  10. Amychophobia: It is an abnormal and morbid fear of being scratched, lacerated or clawed particularly by cats, dogs, puppies and kittens.
  11. Anablephobia: It is an irrational and persistent fear of looking up; not necessarily the sky, could be ceilings, tall buildings, etc.
  12. Bathophobia: It is a morbid fear of depth. People suffering from this phobia may fear deeply dimensioned volumes, like, long, dark hallways, wells, deep pools or lakes.
  13. Batrachophobia: It is an intense and persistent fear of amphibians, like, frogs, toads, salamanders, etc.
  14. Bibliophobia: It is a fairly unusual phobia of books. People suffering from this phobia may experience breathlessness and dizziness when forced or encouraged to read.
  15. Bogyphobia: It is a morbid fear of goblins, demons, bogeys or bogeyman. The fear is also termed as demonophobia or daemonophobia.
  16. Cacophobia: It is an overwhelming and abnormal fear of ugliness. People suffering from this phobia may not only fear ugly people but may also be fearful of objects and situations that are considered to be ugly.
  17. Cacomorphobia: It is the fear of fat people.
  18. Gamophobia: It is an extreme and morbid fear of marriage.
  19. Gynephobia: It is an unjustified and persistent fear of women; also termed as gynophobia.
  20. Lockiophobia: It is an exaggerated and abnormal fear of childbirth; also known as maieusiophobia, parturiphobia or tocophobia.
  21. Lyssophobia: The fear of becoming insane.
  22. Malaxophobia: It's an unusual and morbid fear of love play or foreplay; also termed as sarmassophobia.
  23. Philophobia: People who have a fear of falling in love or being in love, are said to be victims of this particular phobia.
  24. Coitophobia: It is an exaggerated and abnormal fear of coitus or sexual intercourse; also termed as genophobia.
  25. Venustraphobia: It is a rare but persistent fear of beautiful/attractive women; also known as caligynephobia.

    Ada banyak lagi sebenarnya phobia kat dalam dunia nih. Kita je yang tak tahu. Okay, credit to phobia for all the informations. 


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