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A secret message for you. I LOVE YOU. Nanti kalau aku dah takde, datang rumah aku, ada kotak dalam almari. Semua tuh love letters yang tak pernah kesampaian untuk kau. Read and Weep :)

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Dah lama tak menulis sesuatu yang berguna dan kali nih saya nak share satu cerita nih. Sorry dalam English.
Jane, with a red hair and dark green eyes, a college student. She is pretty, skinny and adorable. She is smart, and talented. Her passion toward music since a lil’ girl made her to choose music as a course in her college. She likes jazz, classics.
       Meanwhile, in the same college, a guy named Eric with a blonde hair with hazelnut eyes is one of the famous students there. He took music too, but in different genre; pop. he’s good in singing and playing the guitar and piano. girls are crazy about him, since he is in the A list of every girls’ dreams. Both Jane and Eric didn’t know each other, until one day where they bumped into each other.
       Jane’s piles of music sheets were all on the floor. Eric apologizes as Jane collects her sheets. As they met their eyes together, both of them were speechless and were in awe. For Jane, it was like a prince charming hit her so hard yet she didn’t feel the pain. And as for Eric, he felt like in cloud 9 with this beautiful angel. They didn’t move their eyes, but keep staring at each other for a very long time.
      And Jane’s friend called her “Jamie, where were you! I was s.” her words stop as soon as she saw Jane was with Eric. She grabbed Jane’s hand and took her to the corner of the wall and said, “Do you even know who he is!?” Jane answered, “Hm he’s a person I bumped to?” Jane’s friend continued, “He’s a billionaire, Son! Eric Shaw. Do you even know whose Eric Shaw is!?” Jane was speechless... ’ I didn’t know that I bumped into ‘someone’. She went back to Eric and said, “I’m sorry, but I have to go.” and walked away, fast with her friend, Amy.
Eric said to him, ‘she’s pretty, very pretty.’ and walked to his class but in his mind, thinking of Jane. He never felt this way before toward any girls. He can’t deny his feelings toward Jane. When he thinks of Jane, all of his problems seem to fly away. Fly far. One day, Eric was with his friends at the school library. But then, he saw Jane. Searching for books. He went to Jane, slowly and said “hey, hm you’re the girl I bumped into before right?” Jane answered, “Err, yes. Why?” Eric continued, “This may seem awkward but can I know your name?” ended his words with a smile on his face. Jane fell for his handsome smile and answered, “Err. My name is Jane. Yours?” Eric said, “Jane, i like your name, and i also like you.” to himself but still, Jane heard that and said, “What?” Eric, “nothing, my name is Eric. Nice to know you Jane. Hm i guess i should be going now. See you later pretty.” and walked away. Jane’s cheek started to turn red.
Before school session was over, Jane and her friend sat at the school park. They talked and laughed. Eric was there too, looking at Jane. Jane talked to her friend, “hm i met Eric at the library.” Amy, “what, how?” Jane answered, “well... Actually he came to me, to ask my name.” Amy was shocked and said, “Omg girl, you’re so lucky! Eric never ever went to any girl, to talk before!” Jane said, “He was just asking my name. Nothing big, Amy.” Amy smiled and said, “Well, you guys look cute together.” Jane laughed and said, “Stop it!” Eric heard...Everything and smiled. And said to him, “I’m going to ask her out, yeah first step” and walked away with his friends. Jane didn’t notice that Eric was there before. 
School session was over, and Jane walked home with her friend. They talked on their way home and they saw Eric was entering his car. Jane said to herself, “I wish i could ride with him...” Eric started driving to leave the school but he didn’t notice Jane. Jane said, “Hm never going to happen, i guess” with a low tone. After a few minutes, she arrived home. Safely.
She decided to go to the park in the evening, to get some fresh air. At 3pm, she walked to the park. Alone. After a few minutes, she arrived. She saw Eric’s car near the park then she looked for Eric, but no sign of him. She sat on the grass and started to read a book. Eric saw Jane and said, “Yes, this is my chance.” and walked toward her. Jane didn’t notice that and she was shocked when Eric said, “Hey pretty.” Jane looked at Eric. “Oh it’s you!” Eric answered, “Hm yeah. I saw you here, so i came.” Jane smiled and continues to read her book. Eric continued, “So... I have something to ask.” Jane said, “What is it?” Eric answered, “Well, can you promise me that you’ll say yes to what I’m going to say?” and Jane, “err, i promise?” Eric continued, “Good, will you go out with me?” Jane was shocked. “Err...Hmm.”
Eric, “so since you said you promise to say yes, there will be no right? So it means you agree to go out with me.” Jane said to herself “oh Jane, why didn’t you think of that.” Eric continued, “Well, I’ll pick you up at 7 tonight? Here’s my number, text me.” smiled and walked away to his car. In his car, he said “yesss!” to himself and smiled all the way home. Jane was speechless, at the park. 
At 7pm, Jane was ready to go out with him. She wore casual clothes but still, it looks pretty. Then she looked at the window, and said “he’s here.” and walked downstairs. “Mum, I’m going out for a while.” and her mother answered, “alright! Take care.” Jane walked out and entered his car. Eric smells a scene of rose. He said, “You look pretty, as always.” Jane answered, “Err, thank you.” Eric started to drive. Jane asked, “Where are we going?” Eric answered, “Well, somewhere fun.” Jane was thinking, where it could be Eric parked his car in front of an arcade. Jane asked, “Arcade?” Eric answered, “yeah, why?” and smiled. Jane looked away, “nothing.” 
Jane walked right next to Eric and said to herself, “hm so many people.” Eric looked at Jane, and holds her hand. He said, “i don’t want you to get lost.” he smiled again. Jane didn’t know what to say, she let her hand being hold by Eric. They continued to walk into the arcade. They spent hours there, had fun there. Jane was enjoying their outing so was Eric. Before they went home, Eric bought a big sized teddy bear and said, “For you, a gift from me.” Jane said, “A gift? I didn’t won or do anything.” Eric answered, “You won my heart.” 
Jane was speechless. On their way home, they both were on silent. Didn’t spoke a word. When they arrived at Jane’s, she said, “thanks…” Eric answered, “Hm, wait.” Jane looked at Eric. “Yes?” Eric kissed Jane’s forehead, and said, “You can go now.” and smiled. Jane was speechless and shocked again. She walked to enter her house, fast. As soon as she entered, she smiled and her cheek was red. Eric said “Jane, you’re the first girl who won my heart. And I will never let you go, not even once.” and started to drive home. Jane said to herself, “he made me fell for him.” and smiled again. 
The next day, Jane opened her house’s door to go to school. But she saw Eric and also his car. Jane asked, “What are you doing here?” Eric answered, “i came to pick you up, for school.” Jane answered, “But i can walk to school.” Eric, “nope, i won’t let you.” he grabbed Jane’s hand and walked her to enter his car. He started to drive to school. As soon as they arrived, many girls were jealous of Jane because they saw Jane was in the car with Eric. They walked to enter the school as soon as Eric parked. Eric holds Jane’s hand. Jane was shocked but she didn’t deny. Many girls saw that, and they said... “Lucky her!”
Everyone was looking at them, including Amy, Jane’s friend. Jane said, “Thanks for the ride,” and smiled. Eric answered, “Sure, I’ll send you home too ok?” and he walked away after he smiled at her. Jane didn’t get to say anything. She saw Amy, her friend. Amy, “Jane! Wow.” Jane answered, “Hey.” Amy, “i guess Eric likes you...” Jane said, “What? No way.” Amy, “don’t deny it girl, everyone saw it.” Jane smiled. In class, a girl asked Jane, “Are you dating Eric?” Jane was about to answer but suddenly, Eric came... And said, “Yes. She’s my girl.” The girl walked away. Eric sat right next to Jane, “hey.” Jane, “hi... Why did you say I’m your girl?” Eric, “compare to all the girls out there. You totally complete me. When i first bumped into you, i fell for you. And that time, i don’t want to let you go. I just want you to be here, by my side. Can you? ” Jane was speechless; she didn’t answer anything but then. Eric, “be mine, Jane?”
Everyone heard what Eric said. They were all looking at Jane, her friend Amy said, “Say yes!” Jane didn’t know what to say, she started to hug him. And said, “I actually fell for you since we first met. I tried to deny my feelings, but i can’t. My heart keeps saying no. Yes, I’ll be yours.” Eric smiled, and said “I’ll protect you.” The school bell rang and it’s time for recess, Amy joined Eric and Jane for lunch. They talked.  Many people were looking at them. They were jealous. Jane became famous. But she always hangs with Amy, her best friend.
After a few years past, school was over. So was college. They were still together, staying strong. Even though they fought sometimes but they always made it right again. Eric called Jane and asked her to meet him at a cafe. Jane said “yes I’ll see you there.” Jane arrived at the cafe. She saw Eric, and she sat in front of him. Eric smiled and said, “hey my girl.” Jane smiled. They ordered coffee. Eric said, “Well, i have to say something.” Jane asked, “What is it?” Eric said, “You have to promise me you’ll say yes, to what I’m going to say.” Jane laughed, “You said that before. Alright, i promise.” Eric smiled and said, “Jane Evans, i want to spend my life with you will you be my wife, mine, as forever?” Jane was shocked, and said, “The answer will always be yes.” Eric hugged and gave her a ring.
After a few months, they got married. They enjoyed their married life. Have fun as husband and wife. Happily, together. After 5 years past, they have a daughter named Alison. She is 4 years old. Jane and Eric lived a happy, life with her daughter. Eric said “since I first met you, I fell for you. I love you once, I love you now, I love you still and forever will.” and he kissed Jane’s cheek.
-The end-

Sweet giler kan cerita nih. Lalala~ Not my own idea tapi at least cerita nih ada happy ending kan.

Dalam almari aku ada satu kotak. Kalau aku dah takde nanti, aku nak korang read and weep jugak macam cerita Step by Wicked Steps tuh. Tak kira. You’ll understand why I wrote those things. Baca je. Datang rumah, tanya mak aku pasal kotak dalam almari, confirm akan ada segalanya di situ. Daaaa :)


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